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Privacy Policy

Usage of Users Data

When you login using Facebook, we collect the following information: 1. Your email address if it exists on Facebook 2. Your basic information, like name, profile picture

We don't post on behalf of you on your Facebook wall, and we don't send invitations to friends. We don't expose your information to any third party

Your email address, name and your Facebook ID profile are saved in our database, and are never exposed to a third party. We use your ID, email to authenticate you, and validate the uniqueness of the user.

Deleting Users Accounts

Users can choose to delete their accounts any time from their profile edit page any time.

Their account data will be totally removed from the website database within maximum of 5 days. Their data will be removed from the website backups within maximum of 30 days.

The website supervisors are always there to assist the users with this.

How to delete your data

  • Visit Your Profile
  • Click on (Schedule my account for deletion)
  • You will logout and your data will be deleted within 5 days from the current database, and within 30 from all the website backups
  • All the data that has been collected from your Facebook account will be deleted